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DM Merchandising is one of the top suppliers in the U.S. for impulse, novelty and seasonal gift merchandise. If you are looking for fast moving product to stock your store with or put on your checkout counter for incremental sales, make sure you review the assortment of products offered by DM Merchandising.

They have an amazing creative team and this is what makes the difference between the product assortment they have and other suppliers like them. DM Merchandising has a great assortment of fashion jewelry accessories that they put their own twist on that is what makes the difference. They also spend a significant amount of time and energy on creative displays and point-of-purchase material and it shows. This attention to detail is no mistake as they understand that this effort helps sell merchandise.

If you need Mother’s Day merchandise product, Father’s Day merchandise, patriotic products, graduation merchandise and Christmas merchandise they got you covered for that as well. The product assortment fits a wide assortment of retail store formats from gift stores, discount and variety stores, tourist stores, and seasonal kiosks. They also have a catalog of product for .85 merchandise that you should review as well. Great Product and great packaging equals great sales, so make sure you check them out.

I have worked with them for years and the level or professionalism and dedication to providing a great customer experience will help you grow your business, as you have time to focus on selling and marketing your business.

The www.dmmerchandising.com website is not open to the public, you will need to contact them and open and account and place and order prior to them giving you access to the site for placing orders. Make sure you have your reseller ID handy and call them Today!

Contact Information:

Address: 835 N. Church Court Elmhurst, IL 60126

Phone: 800-548-6784
Fax: 630-833-1230

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