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Friday, January 18, 2008 at 9:15 pm

Kole Imports – Dollar Store and Discount Store Supplier

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Kole Imports Building

Rob and Danny Kole are the founders of Kole Imports. They have spent the last 20+ years becoming one of the largest dollar and discount store wholesalers in the U.S. With all the years of experience importing merchandise, they have an expert grasp of the top selling products for discount and dollar stores. They warehouse over 3,000 different skus in a state of the art warehouse and pride themselves on having one of the best fulfillment operations in the business. What that means for you is that you will benefit from one of the top order fill rate percentages, order ship time and accuracy rates. They understand that taking the order is not the only thing you must be good at, you must take the time to build a company that does everything right from top to bottom, allowing them to have loyal and happy customers that will order over and over.

Weather you are new to the world of wholesale or a veteran, they have a sales staff that will make your life much easier in selecting the right product for your business and driving your bottom line.

Contact Information:

Web Site: www.koleimports.comĀ 

KOLE IMPORTS, 24600 Main Street, Carson, CA 90745
Phone: (800)874-7766 Email: email@koleimports.com

Kole Show Room

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