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Sunday, March 9, 2008 at 6:48 am

Lighter Leash – LighterLeash.com

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Ligher Leash

If you are an owner or buyer for a convenience store, liquor store, smoke shop, auto parts store or chain drug store and are looking for a good impulse seller at your point of sale, Lighter Leash® will be a good seller. Place the display container next to your lighters on your convenience counter and watch this unique item draw attention and sales. As a store owner you are always looking for new suppliers and wholesalers that have something special to create additional sales and this product should do the trick. Checkout this product and all the different designs at http://www.lighterleash.com

This unique product clips to your belt and holds a standard Bic® or similar style lighter.

They have several different Lighter Leash designs in 30 count and 60 count display units as well as with  header cards. For a quick impulse sale get this on the counter today and watch your average sale per customer grow. You can order directly from the website or by phone. If you order online make sure you register as a reseller to get the discount.

Contact Information:

Phone Orders: 800-256-6396

FOB: Largo, FL

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Sunday, March 9, 2008 at 6:02 am

Wholesale Products

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This is a new section we have just added to the site to alert our readers of fast selling and unique wholesale products we discover at trade shows or through our contacts with manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. Our goal of this section is to help you find top selling and margin building products that you can add to your existing assortment of merchandise that you retail or distribute.

Weather your a independent store owner, specialty store or chain store, this area of the site will be a good spot to check often as we bring you some great finds on our travels to the shows.

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