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Tuesday, August 4, 2009 at 7:47 am

GENCO – Gencomarketplace.com

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GENCO Supply Chain Solutions one of the leading logistics company in the U.S. has created gencomarketplace.com. This site currently moves more the $5.2 million dollars worth of merchandise on a daily basis by the pallet or in truckload quantities. They sell at well below wholesale pricing for overstock merchandise, customer returns, salvage goods, as we all as new and refurbished products. They provide services for some of the top 150+ retailers and manufactures in the U.S. and have more then 37 million square feet of warehouse space. They have products in a wide range of categories that include the following: Apparel, Auto, Baby products, Baby Clothes, Electronics, Food, Furniture, HBA, Hardware, Jewelry and Shoes.

If you are looking for pallets of overstock general merchandise or returned merchandise this is one of the best sources and one that is used by many wholesalers and closeout brokers that resell product. The goal of buying is getting as close to the source as possible and unless you can buy in truckloads or have the contacts at the major retailers that they provide services for this is a good solution for you wholesale product buying needs.

The good thing about this site is they have a steady flow of product coming in on a daily basis so you just need to look for the deals, however, the bad thing about this site is it is an active marketplace so don’t let the deals slip away. You will need to register with the company before you get full details related to the merchandise that is being sold. The registration process is simple but requires additional confirmation before they let you have full access. They also require you to approve and follow the terms set by the companies that they resell the product for.

Contact for new buyers: 800-224-3141 (option 2)

Tip: Make sure you look where the goods are shipping from as this can drive up your average cost per unit.

Sources for overstock and returned merchandise: Kohl’s, Sears and Kmart, Dell, HBC, Harbor Freight, Best Buy Canada, Target and Dicks Sporting Goods

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