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Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at 11:12 pm


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Apparel Junior Tops Junior Clothing Sweat Suite

If you already sell or plan on selling fashion forward clothing SpClothing.com is one of the top apparel wholesalers online and worth checking out. They have been in business over 15 years and truly where one of the first apparel wholesalers to allow orders online.

Having been online over the last 5 years they have learned the value of providing customers with as much information as possible on the site. Most products contain a detailed description which covers country of origin, size runs and materials used in construction of each garment.

Pricing for the clothes is good and they have a bulk buyers program that gives you even greater discounts if you spend over $2,500 as well as a VIP program. They also have a section on the site for clothing that sells for $2.00 or less and less than 6 pieces.

Wholesale Junior Dresses Kids Clothing

You will need to spend some time reviewing the wide range of categories that include: Junior Clothing, Plus Size Clothing, Kids, Girls, Boys, Maternity and some Name Brands. They also carry jewelry, handbags, makeup and accessories as well as mannequins and fashion forms for your store display needs.

If you are in the LA area you should make sure to drop by the showroom or if you make it to the Offprice Specialist Show in Las Vegas they attend that as well.

The one thing as always with apparel wholesalers is you need to understand that substitutions are possible and you should check with them regarding policy or contact them to let them know no subs allowed.

Details: SpClothing.com

Show Room Location:

300 S. Anderson Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033

Payment Methods Accepted: Credit Card, PayPal, COD

Shipping: UPS, USPS and will ship worldwide

Tax ID Required: No

Minimum Order: Only minimum required pieces per item is the required

Drop Shipping Available: Yes, they will blind drop ship but for qty as shown

Member: BBB and site is tested by HackerSafe

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