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Saturday, February 2, 2008 at 6:02 am


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Kole Imports has created a unique site geared specifically for those resellers looking for turnkey promotional programs. They have taken best selling items and combined it with attractive packaging design so that you can create an instant store promo. Right now the site is offering free shipping for orders over $1,000 and with the programs they offer it would be easy to hit this amount and save on shipping expense.They have broken the site down by types of promos you might need depending on the type of store or location within the store. They have thought of everything to make it simple for you and your staff.

Multi Item Full Pallet or Multi Item Half Pallet

Promo Mixed Pallets

These contain a mix of top selling products by department. They currently have these pallets in the following departments: Toy, Hardware, Automotive, Swimming, General Merchandise, Housewares and Pets. This is the type of program you would see at major chains stores or grocery stores sitting on end caps or in major isles. All you need to do with either of these programs is place the pallet on the sales floor, unwrap and start selling. It is a natural way to draw attention and sales. They have also created a premium pallet product program as well.

Floor Display or Counter Display

Counter and Floor Display

If you don’t have room for the pallet programs that is o.k. because they also have taken the best sellers and made Floor and Counter Displays. The site currently shows over 50 floor display and around 20 counter displays.

You can contact them at: (800)874-7766 or go directly to the site www.promopallets.com

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